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Tips for avoiding summertime slip-and-fall accidents

During the summer months, people tend to take advantage of the warmer weather and spend more time enjoying the outdoors, cooling off in a swimming pool or taking a vacation. However, such activities also present numerous slipping hazards, both indoors and outdoors, that can result in serious injuries such as fractures, sprains and even brain… read more

Florida teen dies after falling from ropes course at camp

A 16-year-old girl died on July 13 after falling from a rope swing at a youth camp in North Carolina. The teenager from Lakeland, Florida, fell more than 100 feet from a large pendulum swing that she had been riding with two other camp participants. The swing consisted of a door-frame-shaped structure in which up… read more

Florida Highway Patrol aims to reduce traffic deaths on I-95

In an effort to reduce fatalities from car accidents on a deadly stretch of highway, the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) engaged in a joint effort with other eastern seaboard states called “Safe 95.” A study of statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that the stretch of Interstate 95 that runs through Florida… read more

Florida birth injury lawsuit filed over brachial plexus injury

A federal birth injury lawsuit has been filed by a Florida mother whose baby suffered a brachial plexus injury during delivery. The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida against the healthcare clinic where the baby was born. The lawsuit alleges that a certified nurse midwife (CNM) made several… read more

Comparative Negligence for Slip and Fall Injuries in Florida

An injured person may be able to seek damages under Florida’s comparative negligence law even if they are partly at fault for reasons such as ignoring warning signs or posted notices to not enter certain areas of a property. [powerpress]

Florida judge sues Palm Beach County for slip-and-fall accident in parking garage

A Florida judge has filed a lawsuit against Palm Beach County, Florida, for its failure to maintain a downtown parking garage where he had a slip-and-fall accident, leading to a serious injury to his right knee. Palm Beach County Judge Peter Evans filed the slip-and-fall suit in June in Palm Beach County Circuit Court, saying… read more

Florida woman files brachial plexus injury lawsuit

A Florida woman has filed a lawsuit against a certified nurse midwife (CNM), alleging that the midwife’s negligence caused her baby to experience a brachial plexus injury during childbirth. According to the complaint, Barbara Carroll, CNM, did not provide appropriate care to the woman, who had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and had already been… read more

Gestational diabetes drug glyburide associated with birth injuries, study says

A recent study found that glyburide, a drug used to treat gestational diabetes, is associated with a number of serious birth complications. The drug, which has increased in use over the last decade, was associated with hypoglycemia, high birth weight, respiratory distress and birth injuries. In addition to being more likely to have complications, babies… read more

How comparative negligence can affect a slip and fall lawsuit in Florida

If a dangerous condition on someone else’s property caused you to slip and fall, you may be able to obtain compensation for your injuries through a lawsuit. Many people in this situation wonder whether they are still entitled to compensation even if they were partly at fault for their own injury. A slip and fall… read more

Birth injury lawsuit filed by Florida parents

A birth injury lawsuit has been filed by a mother and father in Florida, alleging that their child sustained hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy and other serious birth injuries. The parents, Jenifer and Sean Mochocki, filed the lawsuit March 25 in federal court in Jacksonville, Florida, against the United States of America, pursuant to the Federal Tort… read more

This Florida Hospital’s High Mortality Rate is Alarming

This Florida hospital’s mortality rate for child surgeries was a secret until CNN used the Freedom of Information Act to uncover shocking details. [powerpress]

Florida resident files birth defect lawsuit against Pfizer

A resident of Florida has filed a birth defect lawsuit against Pfizer, the manufacturer of Zoloft, an antidepressant. The plaintiff alleges that the drug caused her daughter to have a birth defect. The plaintiff further claims that Pfizer neglected to sufficiently test Zoloft as well as failed to warn consumers and physicians of the potential… read more

Tiger Woods’ company confronted with slip-and-fall lawsuit

Tiger Woods is facing a slip-and-fall case filed by one of his former security guards, John Davis, who is also a retired police officer. While guarding Woods’ mansion in Jupiter Island, Florida on December 23, 2010, Davis slipped and fell on a marble walkway. As a result of the fall, Davis, who resides in Miami,… read more

Are Your General Tires a Hazard?

The Continental Tire company’s General brand line of tires have been in the midst of an extensive recall for over a decade now. We have already mentioned their negligence in offering defective products in an earlier post on Continental tire recalls. Since 2002, their General tire products have been popping up in news stories for… read more

Nexen Tires are Failing Consumers, Causing Accidents

While customers have been complaining about Nexen Tires, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) still hasn’t issued a recall on these dangerous tires. Nexen manufacturers several types of tires, the Nexen CP671(2), the Nexen N5000, and the Nexen Roadian HP. As of May 23, 2015, twelve complaints to the NHTSA have been filed regarding Nexen… read more

Car Accidents Caused by Tire Failure

Car accidents are far too common but some can be prevented. According to, nearly 11,000 accidents a year are caused by tire failure. While some of these may be caused by aging tires, a car accident caused by tire failure could be the result of a defective tire offered for sale. Tire failure an… read more

Goodyear Tire Recall Affects More Than 6,000 GM SUVs

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company has announced a new recall of tires that includes as many as 45,500 tires installed in many General Motors SUVs. The company says that the recall is linked to possible defects in the tire tread. The company became aware of those defects during endurance testing. General Motors has already taken… read more

Nexen Tire Complaints from Consumers Overview

While Nexen tires have been the subject of some consumer complaints, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data, there are no recorded recalls. The following takes a look at each of the three tire lines about which consumers issued complaints to the NHTSA, and what your options are if involved in an accident… read more

Goodyear Recalls 48,500 Fortera HL Tires

Cracks in tire tread can increase the risk of a tire blowout when the vehicle is in operation. It can lead to loss of tire pressure, then tire failure, and then an accident in some cases. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company recently announced a recall of 48,512 Fortera HL P255/65R18 109S tires because of cracks… read more

Enjoy bicycling in Florida? Take the Cycling Savvy Course

Most bicyclists can benefit from continuing education and training that help them become more competent bicyclists. In such cases, however, bicyclists don’t need a beginner training class. What they need is a program that empowers them to become more confident riders and avoid accident risks. The Cycling Savvy course was developed for the Florida Bicycle… read more