How a simple fall can lead to serious head injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of five slip and fall accidents results in a head injury, broken bones or other serious injuries. Hazardous conditions such as spills on supermarket floors and cracked sidewalks have the potential to cause slip and fall accidents that can lead to significant head injuries. Head injuries are especially difficult to recover from and can even be life-threatening.

CDC data indicates that falls are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury (TBI), one of the most severe head injuries that victims can sustain. It is caused by impact to the head or body, whether on a floor, concrete parking lot or other surface. A TBI’s wide-ranging psychological and physical effects depend on the nature of the accident and the force of impact.

Concussions are the most common and least serious type of TBI. They account for around 75 percent of all such injuries. However, even just a single concussion can have long-lasting effects on a victim in the form of memory loss, behavioral problems and other chronic changes. Multiple concussions over time can prove dangerous and even fatal.

There are a number of signs that indicate a head injury. Some symptoms include difficulty speaking and concentrating, blurred vision, headaches, balance issues and trouble walking. However, not everyone will experience all the symptoms. Slip and fall accident victims should seek medical attention immediately to ensure their injuries are diagnosed and treated properly.

It is important to note that determining fault can be more complicated than it might seem. If you were injured and you believe someone else is fully or partially to blame, contact Chalik & Chalik to learn more about your rights.