Our Florida Birth Injury Lawyers Care About Cephalohematoma Injuries

Childbirth is a joyous, exciting time for expectant parents. The thoughts of holding your infant, rocking your baby, and caring for and nurturing your child are the desires of every expectant mother. Because most mothers think about the happy times that await them, they typically do not dwell on the possible negatives or “what ifs.” What if my baby is born with a birth injury? What if my child is injured at birth? What if a doctor caused the injuries?
Sadly, these questions are a reality facing many mothers whose babies suffered a Florida birth injury. One type of injury that is caused at birth is a condition known as cephalohematoma. Cephalohematoma injuries occur when blood pools under the periosteum, which is skin-like material that the bones inside our bodies are covered with. Periosteum is dense material that attaches to the outer and inner surfaces of all of the body’s bones.

How Does this Type of Florida Birth Injury Occur?

When there is force applied by the doctor during childbirth, blood vessels could burst and cause damage to tissues. When this occurs, blood may pool under a baby’s scalp causing a cephalohematoma. This generally happens when there are birthing complications, and doctors use force or tools to assist in the delivery.

When a doctor uses a vacuum extractor or forceps incorrectly or applies too much force during childbirth, a newborn’s blood vessels can rupture and pools of blood can collect around the infant’s skull. Once this takes place, it can lead to other conditions, such as:


Florida Birth Injury Attorneys Can Help

If your newborn sustained a cephalohematoma or any other injury at birth due to complications and doctor negligence, please contact an experienced Fort Lauderdale birth injury lawyer to find out how to pursue a legal claim to receive financial compensation from the responsible parties.