Florida Breech Birth Injury Attorney

A breech birth can cause complications that lead to birth injury or trauma. A doctor’s or hospital staff’s failure to diagnose and/or address a breech birth may indicate negligence. If you believe a doctor’s mistake led to your child’s injuries, you may be able to hold the negligent parties liable for their actions.

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What is breech birth, and what are the most typical complications?

Typically, a baby will move into a headfirst position at about the 36-week mark. Many medical professionals and authorities consider this the safest position for delivery. A breech birth occurs when a baby enters the birth canal in the feet-first position.

There are three common types of breech position.

They are as follows:

Any of these types of breech birth can put a child at risk for serious injury. An abnormal birth position can cause birth complications, such as a compression of the umbilical cord and resultant brain damage. Other possible complications include spinal cord or nerve damage.

An attorney at Chalik & Chalik can examine the facts of your case and collaborate with medical experts to determine whether a breeched position was a contributing factor in your child’s birth injury and whether medical negligence played a role.

Who is liable for a breech birth and related injury?

While a medical professional may not cause a breech birth, there are many diagnostic tools available to anticipate a breech birth safely. In some cases, a doctor may be able to turn a baby safely prior to labor or delivery. In other cases, a doctor may call for a caesarian section as opposed to vaginal delivery. An obstetrician’s failure to diagnose and address a breech birth may signify negligence. Hospital and nursing staffs also may play a role in medical malpractice.

Our Florida birth injury attorneys can conduct thorough investigations and secure testimony from medical experts regarding whether a medical professional acted beyond a reasonable standard of care. We help our clients hold negligent parties liable for their actions or inaction that may have contributed to the child’s condition.