Documenting Your Slip-and-Fall Accident

How to Document Your Slip and Fall Injury

After a slip-and-fall accident in a Florida grocery store, you need to remember some do’s and don’ts in order to protect your rights.

Take a Picture of the Scene

First, document your slip-and-fall accident. You may not have a pen and pencil with you, but you more than likely have your cell phone. Get out your phone and take pictures of the accident scene. If there was liquid pooled in a certain area that you fell on, take a photograph of the floor and the container that the liquid came out of.

Write Down the Details

Then, type details of the accident into your notes section of your phone. Write down:

Next, collect contact information from witnesses. Ask if anyone saw you fall, and collect their names and phone numbers in case you need to get a statement from them later on.

Report the Accident

It is important to tell the grocery store manager about the incident and let him or her know you are going to seek medical care. If you are injured, you need to go to the emergency room at the local hospital to get checked out for injuries. It is important to seek medical attention after a slip-and-fall accident, not only for your health but also for your potential recovery.