How exercise can reduce slip and fall accidents among the elderly

Recent research suggests step training and exercises for improving balance may help prevent seniors from slipping and falling. People over the age of 65 are particularly at risk for sustaining serious injuries from such accidents.

A Yale University study has found that exercising can help older men significantly reduce their risk of dangerous falls. The research team examined the impact of long-term, moderate exercise on 1,635 sedentary seniors. Physical activity programs included flexibility, strength, balance training and walking. However while men saw a 38 percent decrease in fall rates due to exercise, there was no noticeable reduction among elderly women.

Separate research at the University of New South Wales in Sydney also found that improved stepping skills slashed the rate of slip and fall accidents by nearly half. The lead author identified strength and balance as key components for fall prevention and reducing the likelihood for repeat accidents. He also suggested that step training should be an integral part of workouts to prevent falls.

As a result, elderly people may benefit from exercises designed to help improve balance. Such physical activity would help reduce the chances of slip and fall accidents occurring during everyday activities such as walking on a sidewalk or getting into the bathtub.

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