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Unfortunately, both visitors to South Florida beaches and residents are injured too often in negligent parasailing accidents.

While some parasailing accidents and parasailing injuries are not directly someone’s fault, others are the result of negligence, equipment failure, or even greed.

Parasailing Accidents

A father and his six-year-old daughter were parasailing off of the Miami coast when the sail malfunctioned and the tow rope snapped. The pair hit the water several times before slamming into a sea wall and finally dropping onto land. Both were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital with injuries.

In another South Florida parasailing accident that took place in 2007, two sisters were parasailing near Pompano Beach when a gust of wind sent the pair through several trees and into a rooftop, killing one young woman and seriously injuring the other. Pompano Beach authorities determined that the fatal parasailing accident was caused by reckless boating, equipment failure, and poor weather conditions. The parasailing company responsible for the deadly accident ignored weather warnings in the minutes before the towline broke.

In both cases, the parasailing accident victims came to us for help and legal representation.

What Can Cause Florida Parasailing Accidents

Here are just a few things that can go wrong during a parasailing adventure:

  • The parasailing equipment, such as the boat, the towline, harness, or the sail, malfunctions.
  • The parasailing company or operator is not properly licensed.
  • The parasailing company does not have a properly trained staff.
  • The parasailing staff does not complete safety procedures or does not respond correctly in the case of an emergency.
  • The parasail is not properly monitored.
  • The parasailing staff ignores dangerous weather conditions or weather warnings.
  • The parasailing company operates in dangerous proximity to other vessels, beaches, or structures.
  • The parasailing company does not adequately brief passengers on the dangers of parasailing, parasailing safety, or proper parasailing technique.

Parasailing should be a fun and safe activity, but parasailing companies that cut corners or disregard the safety of their customers can make the popular beachside pastime into a dangerous and even deadly trip.

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At Chalik & Chalik, we are familiar with the Florida parasailing industry and have extensive experience with parasailing legal cases. We understand how parasailing operations should be run to how equipment should be properly maintained. If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in a Florida parasailing accident, an experienced attorney at our law firm can help you better understand why the accident took place, who was responsible for the accident, and whether or not you could obtain damages and compensation for what has happened through a parasailing personal injury lawsuit or parasailing wrongful death lawsuit.

For information on preventing parasailing injuries visit our parasailing safety checklist. Common parasailing injuries can include head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, neck injuries, spine injuries, back injuries, soft tissue damage, and broken bones.

Chalik & Chalik help the passing of the White-Miskelly Parasailing Act

Florida took a valuable step toward preventing parasailing accidents, like that which took the life of Amber Mae, by regulating the parasailing industry for the first time. Learn more about the bill and read Amber Mae’s story. Thank you for all of your help passing this historic legislation.

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