How simple precautions can prevent summer accidents

Making safety a priority is essential when enjoying Florida’s warm weather. Otherwise, a fun summer activity could quickly turn into an accident that can cause serious injuries ranging from broken bones to paralysis.

Summer marks the onset of the state’s rainy season. The risk of car crashes increases with frequent and heavy downpours. Sudden showers can result in low visibility, while flooding can create hazardous driving conditions. The Florida Highway Patrol reports an increase in the number of car accidents during rainy season.

As a result, people should be cautious about their driving behavior as the weather changes. Slowing down, turning on headlights, checking tire treads and increasing following distance are some examples of safety measures one can take to avoid crashes.

The warm weather can also lead to other mishaps. Water activities such as boating, parasailing and swimming are popular for beating the summertime heat. Adults and children alike should wear life jackets when participating in them. Additionally, kids should not be left to play in and around swimming pools unsupervised.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, in 2015 Florida had the highest number of statewide boating accidents in a decade. Data shows the main cause of fatal boating accidents was boaters falling overboard.

Other leading factors were collisions, inattention and alcohol. Intoxication played a role in around 19 percent of the reported crashes. The statistics highlight the necessity of having a designated sober driver when boating.

Parasailing is another fun summer pastime. However, it can turn into a dangerous activity when parasailing companies disregard their customers’ safety. They may lack properly trained staff, ignore weather warnings or have malfunctioning equipment. Make sure to check whether the company is licensed and look out for red flags before you go parasailing.

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