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Takata Airbag Recalls — How it All Began

The enormity of the Takata airbag recall is staggering.
It tells a story of corporate greed and denial that cost a number of unsuspecting drivers their lives. And the problem continues, despite the recalls. Defective airbags are a lurking danger in the steering wheel and side doors of many cars on the road today. This is one of the largest defective product recalls on record.

What Is Wrong With Takata Airbags?
The key problem, now affecting more than two dozen auto brands and over 100 million vehicles globally, is defective inflator parts that are propelled into the interior of a car involved in an accident. When the airbags are activated, metal shrapnel can be shot out at drivers and passengers, often severely injuring or killing them. If the jagged metal parts slice into a driver’s neck, they may sustain a severed artery. Shrapnel in the eyes may cause the driver to lose their vision.

At first, Takata said airbag propellant chemicals improperly stored and incorrectly handled during assembly had allegedly caused the questionable metal inflators to burst open as a result of excessive internal bag pressure. Later, they suggested it was humid weather that caused the bags to explode, causing another spate of additional recalls. The NHTSA forced recalls in states with high-humidity indexes, such as the U.S. Virgin Islands, Florida and Hawaii.

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Takata and Auto Manufacturers May Be Liable for Your Injury

There are reports, courtesy of the Times, that allege Honda and Takata were aware of the deadly and dangerous inflators in 2004, but chose not to inform the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) about them when a bigger Takata airbag equipped vehicle recall began in 2008. Neither corporation mentioned the airbags were linked to injuries and death or that the bags ruptured.

Takata eventually admitted it had no clue which vehicles had defective inflators onboard or even what caused the airbags to explode, an admission that expanded the already huge recall. In Reuters’ disturbing review of documents relating to airbag explosions, injuries and deaths, it was revealed that bad welds, rust and chewing gum dropped into at least one inflator were cited as causes for airbag issues.

Further troubling news came when it was revealed that Takata’s Mexican plant permitted a defect rate “six to eight times above” acceptable limits, which translates to 60 to 80 defective parts per 1 million airbag inflators shipped.

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