Unfamiliar Roads, Six-Lane U-Turn Blamed For Fatal Accident Of Foreign Family

Unfamiliarity with an area can be a major cause for auto accidents, particularly wrong way crashes. Merging onto an interstate using the off-ramp instead of the on-ramp and going the wrong way on unfamiliar wrong way streets can often be attributed with being unfamiliar with the roads in an area. Other conditions can also contribute to accidents, such as the glare from the lights of oncoming traffic or street lights. Glare from the sun can also contribute to incidents. According to the BBC, these were factors that led to a deadly accident that claimed the lives of several members of a Bristol, England family that was vacationing in Florida.

All four members of the Stephenson family were killed in a tragic collision with a pickup truck last April. The family consisted of 66-year-old Bryan Stephenson, 56-year-old Sheralyn Stephenson, 30-year-old Adam Stephenson, and 29-year-old Maryanne Stephenson.

Police said that the family had visited the Kennedy Space Center and were returning back to their rented vacation home.

The Titusville Police Department believe that unfamiliarity with the roads and glare from the sun were likely contributing factors in the crash.

Adam Stephenson, who was driving the Mitsubishi Mirage the family was traveling in, attempted to execute a U-turn on a six-lane highway. He drove directly into the path of an oncoming Ford F-250 pickup truck driven by James Walsh.

Other witnesses to the accident confirmed Walsh’s account that Stephenson just “pulled out in front of him.”