Safety features are highlights of new car models

At a new car show in Tampa, Florida, safety technology took center stage.

Automakers displayed their newest car and truck models, highlighting safety features that could prevent car accidents and save lives.

Automatic braking systems are one such feature currently available on several models. The technology senses impending collisions with obstacles in front of the vehicle, and responds with warning sounds and lights, as well as the ability to apply the brakes automatically.

Lane-departure warning systems were also on display at the car show. If a driver attempts to change lanes without using the turn signal, the system will sound a warning. Proximity sensors are also available that can warn drivers when another vehicle is in their blind spot or they are too close to another vehicle when parking.

Some of the new features come standard on some models, but most are high-end options for now. However, if they are successful in preventing accidents, then they may even be required in the future. Backup cameras, once an expensive option, will be required on all vehicles starting with 2017 models.

Automaker representatives warned that we have not yet reached the era of driverless cars, and it is still of the utmost importance that drivers pay attention to the road while driving. It is possible for high-tech safety features to lull drives into a false sense of security that can cause accidents.