Rollover Hit-And-Run Leaves Teen Injured

Rollover crashes account for a small percentage of overall auto accidents but cause a high number of fatalities. As many as 35% of rollover crashes result in a fatality. In many cases, the fatalities that result from rollover crashes are usually due to drivers and passengers in the crash failing to wear safety belts. The most common type of rollover crash is called a “tripped” rollover. NHTSA data shows that up to 95% of rollover crashes are tripped. A tripped rollover happens when a vehicle leaves the roadway and slides sideways or strikes another vehicle or guardrail, loses traction, and the vehicle then rolls over.

Fox 13 reports on a rollover hit-and-run crash that left a teenager critically injured.

The crash that seriously injured a teenager happened on Thursday just outside the Lantern Inn and Suites in Sarasota.

Security footage captured the accident, which left 19-year-old Jackson Kelly partially ejected from his vehicle. After the initial collision, which involved a Kia minivan, Kelly’s Audi then struck two parked cars. Kelly’s vehicle flipped over at least three times before coming to rest in the hotel parking lot.

After waiting just a few seconds, as other witnesses rushed to help Jackson, the driver of the Kia minivan fled from the scene.

The Florida State Patrol has not yet been able to locate the driver of the minivan. They are asking anyone with any information to contact them.