Motorcyclist Dies In Fall Off Overpass

Riding a motorcycle can be uniquely gratifying, presenting a unique way of living on the edge that driving an automobile doesn’t provide. Though new riders can learn a lot by taking a motorcycle safety course, there are things that seasoned pros have picked up that might not be taught in a class. One such tip is to be as visible as possible. Brown and black clothing blends in, making a motorcyclist harder to see. Wear something bright so that you stand out to other motorists. If you’re riding with others, make sure to maintain at least 20 feet of distance. When it comes to riding with others, make sure that you’re riding with other experienced riders that you trust. When it comes to accidents, some cannot be avoided.

The Tampa Bay Times reports on a motorcyclist who died after falling 100 feet from a Tampa, Florida overpass.

The men, who are both from Riverview, had been riding east on Interstate 4 on Friday when their bikes collided, sending one plummeting off the roadway.

Eric Jordan and Aaron Davis were friends who, according to Jordan’s uncle, were inexperienced motorcycle riders.

Their bikes collided at about 3:30 p.m. last Friday. The collision sent 35-year-old Jordan off of his bike and he plummeted 100 feet from the overpass onto N. 50th Street. He died from his injuries at Tampa General Hospital.

29-year-old Davis pulled his motorcycle over, and in a video that is making the rounds on social media, looked down from the overpass. He then left the scene, abandoning his passenger, a woman who says that she “barely knew Davis.”

The Highway Patrol is classifying the accident as a hit-and-run because Davis left the scene. Witnesses reported the two weaving through traffic prior to the accident.