Most Common Car Accident Types In South Florida

Some types of car accidents are more common than others. While head-on collisions cause the most fatalities, they make up a relatively small percentage of overall accidents. These can involve multiple vehicles, or it can involve a single vehicle hitting a stationary object.

The most common type of accident nationwide is rear-end collisions. Another type of common accident is a T-bone or side-impact collision. These types of collisions often result in serious damage to the vehicle and serious injuries. Multi-vehicle pileups are another type of common collision that commonly takes place on interstates. These are nationwide statistics.

The South Florida Reporter reports on the most common types of car accidents in South Florida.

Hit-and-run accidents are common in South Florida. Florida has a law that requires that all drivers involved stop or return to the scene. While leaving the scene involving only property damage may not be met with severe punishment, leaving the scene where there are injuries or fatalities can be charged as a felony.

Like with all other states, rear-end collisions are fairly common in Florida. They typically occur when someone is following too closely or the driver in front of them stops or slows suddenly. The driver could also be distracted.

Rollover crashes are another type of common collision. While these sometimes involve more than one vehicle, the most common kind of rollover collision usually involves a single vehicle. A rollover can happen when a speeding driver takes a sharp curve too fast or the driver loses control of the vehicle and overcorrects.

Head-on collisions are common as well. They usually involve someone going the wrong way on an interstate or highway, but they can also involve a single vehicle hitting a stationary object or animal, such as a deer.