$13 Million Awarded For Crash That Happened In A No-Passing Zone

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The Gainesville Sun reports that a woman’s family has been awarded up to $13 million for a fatal 2016 crash in Gainesville. 36-year-old Michelle Anderson was driving south on Southwest Williston Road on November 14, 2016. She was driving from her job at the University of Florida to drop off a permit for a house that she was building.

29-year-old Calvin Lee Adams III was heading north on the same road. He attempted to pass another vehicle in a no-passing zone. Adams’ vehicle hit Anderson head-on while both drivers were traveling at 60 m.p.h. in a 60-m.p.h. zone. Both drivers died.

Anderson’s widower, Emanuel Anderson sued Adams’ estate on behalf of himself and their three children. Adams had coverage through Progressive, but the coverage was not enough to cover the accident. The Anderson’s attorney will now file a bad faith insurance lawsuit against Progressive.

Insurers generally pay only up to the maximum liability amount of the policy that was purchased. This would be far less than the $13 million that the Anderson family attorney was seeking. If insurers commit a wrongdoing during the claims handling process, they may be liable for an amount beyond the liability coverage.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, one primary safety concern, especially in rural areas, is passing on two lane roads. The primary danger is from the limited sight distance for oncoming traffic due to the slower moving vehicle ahead. Many two-lane roads, especially rural highways, are divided into passing and no-passing zones. While in a passing zone, a driver may attempt to pass a slower moving vehicle if there is no oncoming traffic obstructing their path. In no-passing zones, passing is prohibited. If caught, this could result in financial consequences of a fine up to $300.00. If it causes an accident you or your insurance provider could be liable for damages.

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