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The loss of a beloved family member is always difficult to endure. When that family member is the victim of another party’s negligent behavior, the feeling of loss is greatly increased. As a surviving family member, you are entitled to recover financial compensation from the responsible party.

Filing a wrongful death lawsuit on your own can be a complicated undertaking. It can be difficult to uncover all the information you need to hold the right parties responsible for your loss, especially when you are grieving the loss of your loved one. A West Palm Beach wrongful death lawyer can help you understand your full rights under the law and take the steps necessary for a successful claim or lawsuit.

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How a West Palm Beach Wrongful Death Lawyer Can Benefit Your Claim

Bringing a lawsuit against the person or entity whose recklessness or negligence led to the death of your loved one is your right. This legal right comes with guidelines and limitations an attorney can help you understand and navigate.

Time is a critical factor in filing a wrongful death claim in West Palm Beach, FL. The state of Florida has a two-year statute of limitations on filing this type of lawsuit. A lawyer can help you make the best use of the time you have to file your claim by ascertaining fault, gathering evidence, and compiling relevant proof.

In the immediate aftermath of a loved one’s death, your time and attention are probably focused on the changes to your day-to-day life. Their death is likely to leave you in emotional turmoil and with more questions than answers. It may also have a serious impact on the income and financial resources of your entire family. That means you need to spend time getting your family back on its feet emotionally. While you focus on your family, our attorneys can focus on getting you back on solid financial footing.

When a tragic death catches your family by surprise, we are here to help you put the power of the law to work for the survivors.

Only Certain Parties Can Benefit from a Wrongful Death Action

Although a wrongful death has life-changing consequences for everyone who knew and loved the victim, not everyone is eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Contact a West Palm Beach wrongful death lawyer if you fit one of the following categories to see how we can help you:

If you are the sibling or another relative of the decedent and believe you have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit, contact our attorneys for more information on how Florida’s laws may apply to you.

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Damages in Florida Wrongful Death Cases

The state of Florida has specific guidelines in place under FL § 768.21 that determine potentially recoverable damages in a wrongful death claim. Your relationship to the deceased party determines the compensation you can recover; however, some of the damages you may be entitled to receive include:

The loss of a cherished family member has as many financial consequences for your family as it has emotional consequences. Your family is entitled to hold the right people responsible for the loss of their contributions to the welfare and wellbeing of your family.

Do Not Hesitate To Get The Compensation You Are Owed

Our attorneys work at your convenience. We negotiate with the insurance company to reach a financial settlement that compensates you for the emotional pain caused by the loss of your family member and the loss of their financial contribution to your family.

We will even come to you for your no-cost, no-obligation consultation. We will fight for all the rights and recovery options you are entitled to and work hard to negotiate a favorable settlement on your behalf.

West Palm Beach Wrongful Death Lawyer Near Me

Wrongful death is a serious matter with life-changing repercussions for everyone involved. The responsible party may offer you a fast settlement to avoid a lawsuit. Please do not accept any settlement or negotiate with the insurance company before speaking with an attorney.

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