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A slip and fall accident can be both painful in the moment and for months, or years, to come. Injuries sustained after a slip and fall can be expensive and ongoing. They can prevent you from returning to work, causing your household bills to pile up.

Let us help you by collecting the compensation that you deserve from the responsible party. If another person’s negligence was the cause of your slip and fall case, then it is only right that they cover your costs.

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Why Hire Our Lawyers To Represent You In Your Slip & Fall Case

Most people do not realize the severe consequences of a slip and fall case until it happens to them. The lawyers at Chalik & Chalik Injury lawyers understand what you are going through during this difficult time.

Complimentary Consultation

It is normal to feel confused following a slip and fall case. One minute you are running errands or going about your day and the next, you are flat on your back and in pain. Now you are facing expensive medical costs, and you have yet to return to work. You are not even sure who is responsible or if you are eligible for any compensation.

Let us take some of the guesswork out of the legal process for you. During the complimentary consultation, we will evaluate the details of your case. We will provide you with a professional consultation on the best steps to take following your slip and fall accident. Call us today at 855-529-0269.

Determine Negligence

Whether you were visiting a public storefront or a public parking lot, you deserve an area that is free from dangerous conditions. Property owners, homeowners, and product designers owe you a certain legal duty of care. When they fail to exercise this duty, the state might consider them negligent.

It does not matter if you were on public or private property, the property owner can be liable. Premise liability in Florida requires that all property owners make repairs immediately. If a danger exists on the property and the property owner has not taken action to address it yet, then they must notify any visitors of that known hazard.

We will determine negligence by establishing the four important elements of personal injury were present.

By collecting a police report, witness statements, medical records, and photograph or video evidence from the scene of the accident, we can demonstrate that a breach of duty was present and that it did, indeed, cause your slip and fall accident. Additionally, any documentation you may have taken after your accident can be considered.

Collect Compensation

A single slip and fall accident can leave you with expensive medical bills. If you are unable to work, costs like your rent, utilities, and childcare may get behind. We understand this difficult financial situation, and we will work to collect the following costs on your behalf:

Pain And Suffering

The physical act of slipping and falling can be painful. The recovery from medical procedures and unhealed injuries can also cause a great extent of pain and suffering. We will work with you to determine an amount that appropriately covers the physical and psychological hardships of suffering a slip and fall case. Call us today at 855-529-0269.

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Slip & Fall Accident Risks

Many things can present a dangerous risk to property visitors. These are some of the most common slip & fall risks we have come across in our years of practice at Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers:

Simply put, it is the property owners’ responsibility to maintain the safety of their property. When they do not, they may be liable for any damages.

File Your Case Within Florida’s Statute Of Limitations

It is important to file within Florida’s statute of limitations to remain eligible for compensation for your slip and fall case. Florida requires that we file all cases within four years from the date of the accident.

We understand that filing a case might be the last thing on your mind as you deal with your recovery. However, failing to file within this time limit can make it impossible to collect the compensation that you deserve. Call a slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible at Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers at 855-529-0269.

Important Steps To Take Following A Jacksonville, FL, Slip & Fall Case

It is normal to feel overwhelmed after suffering a slip and fall. You never expect to suffer an injury when you are out shopping or visiting a friend in the Jacksonville, FL, area. Then when it does happen, you might not know where to turn.

After you have sought medical care, then it is important to consider your legal options. A serious slip and fall injury can quickly change your life, both financially and emotionally. The lawyers at Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers will represent you through this difficult time, fighting to get you the compensation that you deserve.

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