Benefits of Accident Reconstruction Following Your Fort Lauderdale Truck Accident

After enduring a terrifying Fort Lauderdale truck accident, you may be counting all your fingers and toes on the side of the road – waiting for help to arrive. You are probably in shock that you were just in a serious wreck and survived it. However, once you come to and realize that you didn’t take any pictures or collect any evidence from the accident scene, you may think all hope is lost to pursue a claim against the trucker or trucking company.
You may call the trucking company only to find out they won’t return your calls or don’t have a copy of the driver’s logs. They know you need evidence to pursue a case against them, and they are not going to give it to you.

This is why you need an experienced Fort Lauderdale truck accident attorney on your side who has an expert reconstruction team to reconstruct the accident and get you all the facts and evidence you need to pursue a successful case.

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The Benefits of Accident Reconstruction Following Your Fort Lauderdale Truck Crash

An accident investigator and accident reconstructionist will look at things like brake factors, point of impact, and final resting positions. They will also take measurements of evidence left at the site, such as skid marks, gouge marks, and scrub marks, to reconstruct the accident.

Other items that may be inspected on both the truck and car are brakes, tires, suspension, steering, and lights. This helps to determine if the maintenance and condition on these items could have led to the South Fort Lauderdale truck wreck.

In addition to the hard facts that can be measured, a reconstruction team may ask you about the weather and time of day the accident took place. A wet, rainy day could produce a different accident outcome than a bright, sunny day. In either case, the environment could have played a factor. For example, the glare from the sun could have caused a visibility problem that led to the accident, or heavy rain could have made for hazardous road conditions.

Reconstructionists will also look at the condition of the truck, the maintenance logs, and the load the truck was carrying. Weigh stations record the load the truck was carrying, which can be beneficial in reconstructing the accident. The different amounts of weight a truck carries can affect the braking and stopping distance. Higher impact damage can occur with the more weight a truck carries.