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As much as we all appreciate contributions to our safety, work zones can sometimes pose a risk to drivers and pedestrians. When work crews leave debris in the road, it creates a hazard that can lead to car crashes, serious injuries, and fatalities in the roadway. If you were involved in a car accident caused by road or construction related debris in the road, we can help you hold the right party responsible.

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A Fort Lauderdale Attorney Can Help You Compile A Complete Insurance Claim

When you are injured by an object in the road or equipment or debris falling from a work truck, you need help filing a claim against the person responsible for your injuries and the damage or destruction of your property. An injury lawyer for accidents caused by a loose object in the road in Fort Lauderdale, FL can help you understand your rights and the at-fault party’s responsibilities.

After your injuries are seen to and treated by a physician, your next step should be to speak to an attorney near you. Our attorneys can inform you of the legal options you have available to file a complete and successful insurance claim or lawsuit. During your no-cost, no-obligation consultation, an attorney will discuss the proof and paperwork you need for your case. They may also be able to help you locate and obtain many of the things you need.

If the negligence of a truck driver or work crew caused a blockage in the road that led to your injury or property loss, we can help. If you were injured or a family member was injured or lost their life due to an accident involving a loose object in the road, you have legal recourse. A Fort Lauderdale, FL attorney can help you receive the financial compensation you deserve.

Accidents And Fatalities Caused By Road Debris Are Increasing

The US Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration’s statistics show that every four billion miles of vehicle travel results in at least one work zone related fatality. In 2016 and 2017, the USDOT saw an increase in work zone-related fatalities of three percent. By comparison, fatal crashes outside of work zones were decreased by 1.5%.

Total work zone fatalities according to mode of transportation:

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Filing Timelines For An Accident Caused By A Loose Object In The Road

Filing a lawsuit for an accident caused by a loose object in the road can be complicated and time-consuming. The process of assigning liability can require the skill and knowledge of a professional. An attorney can help you determine whether liability lies with an individual, a construction company, city government, or another third party.

The FL § 95.11 imposes a time restriction on filing an injury claim. Called a statute of limitations, this time constraint can play a huge role in your injury lawsuit. Do not risk negatively impacting your claim for financial recovery by missing important filing deadlines. In Florida, your time to file a claim for financial compensation is limited to four years. An attorney on our team can help you understand and navigate the intricacies of Florida’s timeline.

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When you are ready to file a lawsuit to recover medical expenses related to an accident you were involved in, we can help. We can also help you recoup the cost to repair or replace your damaged property. An injury lawyer for accidents caused by a loose object in the road in Fort Lauderdale, FL can help you meet Florida’s statute of limitations and meet other applicable filing guidelines. Call Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers at (954) 476-1000 to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation consultation today.

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