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Winter Road Conditions in Fort Lauderdale

The area in and around Fort Lauderdale is known for pleasant weather and warmth. However, winter storms can occur in Florida, sometimes dumping unexpected inches of snow or ice onto the roads. These conditions can make it more difficult for drivers to handle their vehicles.

In fact, icy conditions can increase the odds that a driver will slide, especially when braking or trying to turn. Drivers can adjust to these treacherous conditions by:

That said, accidents can be incredibly likely on icy roads, even when all possible precautions for safe driving are taken. 

Available Help After an Icy Road Accident

You need to get professional assistance right away if you have an accident on an icy road. The cold temperatures can be dangerous. Other vehicles could also strike your vehicle as you recover, as they slide around on the ice.

Make sure that you:

Note that many auto accidents must be reported within 10 days of a collision in any case. However, reporting your accident quickly can allow police officers to make a report at the scene. This official report can be important when you are working to get compensation for your injuries.

Build Your Claim to Get Compensation for Your Losses

Drivers who get professional help from trained icy road accident lawyers can improve their odds of receiving full damages for any losses sustained in a collision. Here at the Law Offices of Chalik & Chalik, we can get to work for you right away. We can:

Investigate the Facts Surrounding Your Accident

In order to get you the compensation you deserve, we need to know what happened during your accident. We can speak with witnesses, review police records, and check out video recordings or pictures of what happened.

Help You Deal with Insurance Agents

Insurance agents can approach you after you are hurt in an icy road accident in Fort Lauderdale. These agents could work for your insurance company or the insurance company of other drivers involved in the collision. In either case, they can try to work against you. Let us handle all communication with insurance agents.

Focus on Getting You Full Damages

Jason and Debi Chalik understand the damages you deserve after a car collision. They can go over all of your medical records and other losses tied to your injury, striving to make sure everything is appropriately reimbursed.

Move Forward after an Icy Road Accident

You have several options for securing compensation after an auto accident in Fort Lauderdale. You may be able to get the damages you need through your personal injury protection (PIP) policy. This policy can offer you coverage for:

An icy road accident lawyer may also be able to help you pursue compensation from other drivers involved in the wreck if you were seriously injured. A car accident claim can allow you to get damages to cover:

Here at the Law Offices of Chalik & Chalik, we know what it takes to help clients involved in icy road accidents. Jason and Debi Chalik personally handle all the cases we take on, giving you the experienced legal guidance you need directly. You won’t be handed off to a junior associate as we work to secure you maximum compensation for all of your losses.

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