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A hematoma is an accumulation of blood surrounding a blood vessel that takes place when the wall of a blood vessel is harmed, and blood is permitted to seep into the tissues. It is an injury that can occur due to trauma during the birthing process, and it usually takes place in the baby’s head.

In the majority of instances, the head exits the birth canal first and therefore, is likely to be injured due to the great amount of pressure to which it is subjected, particularly in a lengthy and complicated delivery. Two common kinds of hematomas that can occur at the time of delivery are cephalohematoma and subdural hematoma.

A cephalohematoma is a cranial injury that a newborn can suffer, particularly during a delivery in which forceps are used, or vacuum extraction is performed. It can also occur as a result of a lengthy labor. It is marked by a swelling on an infant’s scalp due to hemorrhaging within the newborn’s skull. If the condition does not improve, the infant may develop jaundice, hypotension or anemia.

In contrast, a subdural hematoma is a condition in which there is an accumulation of blood in the area between the outer and middle layers of the part that covers the brain due to veins that tore and bled during a traumatic delivery. Among the symptoms of subdural hematoma are swollen or bulging soft spots in the skull, seizures, a rise in drowsiness, irritability, restlessness, vomiting, shock and stupor. A subdural hematoma that is large in size can be fatal. A hematoma that grows will cause the pressure inside the skull to rise, and contract the brain, thereby resulting in brain damage or death. In this case, surgery is necessary to drain the blood and alleviate the pressure.

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