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Navigating the legal waters necessary for a successful personal injury claim can be tough going, and insurance companies know that. Competent, skilled legal representation often makes the difference between a favorable outcome in court and going home empty-handed. Remember — the insurance companies are not on your side, no matter how many years you’ve faithfully paid your premiums. They employ attorneys who spend all of their working hours looking for loopholes and other reasons not to pay out on claims, and you’re going to need to level the playing field if you want to get what’s rightfully coming to you.

Insurance company claims adjusters will try to make you believe that they are on your side, but nothing could be further from the truth. Modern insurance is basically a protection racket where you pay premiums because having insurance is required by law, but it’s very difficult Claims adjusters work closely with attorneys whose sole job is to keep costs down by finding reasons to deny claims, so be sure to hedge your bets by having an attorney who represents your interests instead of those of your insurance company. Call our Boca Raton office today to speak with one of our attorneys about how we can best help you.