Top 3 things to avoid after a slip and fall accident

Experiencing a slip and fall accident can leave one hurt and feeling upset. However, in a state of confusion, one might end up taking steps that can be harmful. Your actions immediately after a fall can have significant impact on a future lawsuit. Here are the top three things to avoid after a slip and fall accident:

Do not ignore injuries. Slip and fall accidents can cause a number of injuries that range from cuts and bruises to broken bones and head trauma. Make sure to seek medical attention immediately after a fall, whether the injuries are minor or serious. Documenting injuries will help provide evidence later on if you choose to seek compensation for medical bills.

Do not keep the slip and fall accident to yourself. While experiencing a fall may cause embarrassment, it is important to follow some necessary steps after it occurs. Notify the manager, owner or landlord of the site where the accident happened, whether it is a supermarket, garage or apartment building. Make sure to ask for a copy of the accident report before leaving the premises.

Do not panic. Suffering a slip and fall accident may be distressing. However, it is important to remain calm and focus on the next steps that should be taken. These include getting treatment for injuries, gathering the contact information of witnesses and photographing the location of the accident. Make sure to take note of icy patches, loose carpet, railings, stairs, lighting or any other condition that may have contributed to the fall. The information is likely to be valuable in a potential lawsuit.

It is important to note that determining fault can be more complicated than it might seem. If you were injured and you believe someone else is fully or partially to blame, contact Chalik & Chalik to learn more about your rights.