Golf Cart Accidents, Surprisingly, Can Be Extremely Dangerous

When most people think of Florida motor vehicle accidents, they think of cars, SUVS, pickup trucks and motorcycles. However, many different types of vehicles can be involved in dangerous crashes, including golf carts.

Surprisingly, golf cart accidents are on the rise – especially in states with warm temperate climates, a large elderly population and lots of golf courses (which describes Florida perfectly). Golf cart accidents that result in serious injury or even death are a very real concern.

Golf carts are allowed on golf courses around the state, usually rented from the course’s pro shop. Private golf carts are also now permitted on certain roads in Florida, especially within gated communities.

However, golf carts do not require a special license nor are they outfitted with standard safety equipment. This leaves those in or around golf carts susceptible to numerous types of dangerous accidents, including:

  • Rollover crashes
  • Passengers falling out of carts
  • Carts running over other people
  • Carts sliding down embankments or into a body of water
  • Collision with another vehicle


The physical and financial toll of these accidents can weigh heavily on the victim and their loved ones. Extensive treatment may be required, resulting in expensive medical bills, future or ongoing care, home renovations and even very real instances of pain and emotional suffering.

If the golf cart accident that resulted in the injury or even death of your loved one was the fault of someone else, such as a golf course that rented a faulty machine or a negligent driver that caused the collision, you may be eligible to recover damages as a result.