Emotional Injuries from Construction Accidents

After a work injury in Florida, an injured victim generally seeks medical treatment. Doctors can usually tell with certainty the type of construction injuries the victim sustained by ordering an X-ray, MRI, CT scan, or other diagnostic test to determine broken bones, ligament injuries, brain injuries, and more. However, emotional injuries are sometimes harder to… read more

Slips and Falls from Restaurant Hazards

When you go to a restaurant to eat, you often don’t think about the dangers that restaurants present. You are often hungry and want to get to your seat as fast as possible, and you may not be looking for dangerous flooring conditions, such as uneven ground, ripped or torn carpet, and spilled liquid. In… read more

Importance of Child Safety Restraint Laws

The death of a Florida toddler that took place near the intersection of Fowler Street and Market Street serves as a harsh reminder of the importance of abiding by child safety restraint laws in Florida and throughout this nation. As we reported on this fatal Fort Myers car crash in our news section, we would… read more

Dalai Lama’s Nephew Killed in Miami-Dade Car Accident

Posted on Feb 25, 2011 The Dalai Lama’s nephew, 45-year-old Jigme Norbu, was killed in a car-pedestrian accident this week in Miami-Dade, FL. The accident occurred around 7:30 p.m. on Monday. Norbu was participating in a 300 mile march in support of Tibetan rights, called the “Walk for Tibet”. The February 14-26 march was intended… read more

1 Dead, 2 Injured in Miami-Dade Car Wreck

Posted on Feb 18, 2011 A multi-car crash in Miami-Dade, FL has left one dead and another two injured. The accident occurred around 11:45 p.m. in the eastbound lanes of Bird Road and Southwest 137th Avenue on Thursday. According to witnesses, an unidentified driver of a silver SUV was traveling at a high rate of… read more

Never Sign Anything Given to You by an Insurance Adjuster After a Florida Car Wreck

Insurance companies put up a good facade. After you are injured in a Florida car wreck, they will say they are on your side. They say they have the best interest of your family in mind and will be fair in giving you the financial compensation you need. However, when the time arrives for this… read more

Tips to Help Avoid Florida Aggressive Driving Truck Crashes

Aggressive driving plays a role in about one third of all auto accidents each year in the U.S. That means aggressive driving is at least a factor in nearly 1,000 deaths and 150,000 injuries each year. Aggressive driving on the part of truck drivers, which involves negligent actions that put others in danger, can cause… read more

Call a Lawyer if You Have Been Injured by a Truck Driver with a Fraudulent Commercial License

Some truck drivers are legal, doing everything they can to drive safely and avoid Florida truck accidents. Other drivers, however, fraudulently obtain their commercial license, getting behind the wheel without proper training or understanding of the law. These illegal drivers, put into work by unscrupulous trucking companies, pose a much greater risk of causing a… read more

Parents Should be Aware of Defective Products Containing Lead

There is a lot that parents in Florida need to be aware of in order to provide a safe environment for their children. One of these elements, protecting against lead poisoning, should be at the top of the list. Lead Poisoning Lead poisoning is the single greatest environmental risk for children under the age of… read more

Statistics Reveal Florida Pedestrian Accidents Among Kids a Major Issue

With over 60,000 serious injuries and nearly 4,000 deaths each year, pedestrian accidents are occurring at an alarming rate. What’s even more shocking is the rate at which these accidents are affecting younger populations. In order to understand the causes of pedestrian accidents and how to prevent them, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)… read more