Call a Lawyer if You Have Been Injured by a Truck Driver with a Fraudulent Commercial License

Some truck drivers are legal, doing everything they can to drive safely and avoid Florida truck accidents. Other drivers, however, fraudulently obtain their commercial license, getting behind the wheel without proper training or understanding of the law.

These illegal drivers, put into work by unscrupulous trucking companies, pose a much greater risk of causing a Florida truck accident. Due to the weight and size of the rigs they drive, these accidents can result in serious injuries or death for all involved.

Truck drivers with fraudulent commercial licenses pose a great risk to Florida residents. Everyone is in danger when these semi-truck operators get behind the wheel, and no one knows where they will strike next.

Truck drivers who fraudulently obtain their commercial licenses and cause a serious accident as a result, are those who are highly negligent. Even if they did not intend to hurt someone, their illegal actions intentionally put all of those around them in grave danger.

If you have been injured in a Florida truck accident with a fraudulent licensed driver then you may be eligible to earn financial compensation for your medical bills, ongoing care, missed time at work, and much more.

To learn more about your legal rights in these highly emotional cases, call the Miami-Dade truck accident attorneys of Chalik & Chalik today. Our experienced family team of lawyers will fight against the insurance companies to help you earn what you deserve.