Safe Driving Tips for Sharing the Road with Tractor-Trailer Trucks

The United States interstate system allows for trucking companies to haul cargo from coast to coast, keeping our economy running and delivering many of the products we take for granted every day. Along with the benefit of large trucks, there is also an inherent danger.

If you drive on the roads of Florida, you will almost certainly come in constant contact with 18-wheeler trucks. Though many truck drivers are safe and courteous, it just takes one negligent or inattentive truck driver to cause a serious Florida truck accident.

Because of the weight and speed large trucks bring to a collision with another vehicle, these wrecks can have a serious and lasting impact for all of those involved. Truck crashes can easily result in serious injury, paralysis and even loss of life.

While some accidents are simply unavoidable, there are also things you can do on the road to minimize the chances of an accident and maximize the safety of everyone in your vehicle. These road safety tips are something everyone should practice.

To start, avoid driving in a truck’s blind spot. You should always allow at least 20 to 25 car lengths when following a truck, and minimize your time spent on either side of their vehicle. When truck drivers cannot see you, they may stop short or veer into you, causing a catastrophic wreck.

When passing a tractor-trailer truck, ensure you are at least 10 car lengths ahead of them before pulling back into their lane. If you pull in front of them any closer, they will not have enough time to stop in case you have to stop short or slam on your brakes.

In all situations, be aware for drunk or fatigued truck drivers. If you see a semi-truck operator driving aggressively, give them plenty of room and report the incident to the police as soon as possible.

Most truck drivers are good people, driving as safely and courteously as possible. These tips will help you return the favor and operate safely around them. However, when one negligent truck driver causes a serious wreck that leaves you or a loved one seriously injured, there may be only one legal option to take.