Long Road Trips and Sleep Problems Lead to Drowsy Driving and South Florida Truck Crashes

Many of us have taken long road trips, either moving to another state or just for the pure fun of exploring different places. Either way, we know that driving long periods of time can make a driver have tunnel vision and feel exhausted at the wheel. We may turn to drinking coffee, rolling down the windows, and blasting loud music just to try and stay awake at the wheel. Although driving long periods of time may feel strange to us, semi-truck drivers participate in this driving behavior regularly and do this for a living.

Truck drivers put off meals, stretch breaks, and sometimes bathroom breaks just so that they can push on a little further to reach their destination on time or ahead of time. Sadly, they even put off sleep, which can end up hurting them down the road.

When lack of sleep catches up to a truck driver, it can make the trucker feel irritable, cranky, distraught, sleepy, and drowsy. Sleep doesn’t just wait to catch up to the driver when he lies down, but rather it can catch up to a trucker at the wheel of a big rig. When a trucker is deprived of sleep, coffee may not even be able to do the trick.

When this happens, a truck driver may potentially cause a South Florida truck crash. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has indicated that drowsy drivers are seven times more dangerous and likely to cause a traffic accident than drunk drivers.

What are the main causes of trucker drowsy driving in South Florida?

Long road trips. When a truck driver continues on long journeys, they risk being affected by slowed reaction times, fatigue, and highway hypnosis. Studies have shown that drowsy driving is more dangerous than drunk driving and could put many innocent motorists in danger.

Sleep apnea. When a truck driver suffers from sleep problems like sleep apnea, he may be more affected at the wheel. When a trucker is suffering from chronic sleep loss, he may cause someone else sharing the road to suffer from his lack of sleep.