Florida woman wins 1.35 million dollars in Chipotle slip-and-fall lawsuit

A woman was awarded $1.35 million after a slip-and-fall accident due to a roof leak at a Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant in Florida.

She sustained a number of injuries including whiplash, a concussion, herniated disks and chronic pain, which resulted in a three-level spinal fusion.

The jury found the restaurant chain to be negligent in repairing a roof leak that caused the woman’s injuries, which will require long-term treatment. They determined that the accident could have been easily prevented if Chipotle had ensured their floors were dry.

The woman had the accident when she went to Chipotle for lunch on June 15, 2012. While placing her order, she moved toward the left to better see the toppings. She then slipped and fell backwards, landing on her back and hitting her head on the concrete floor.

The store manager first spotted a pool of water in the customer ordering area in May 2012. He mopped the slippery floor and ensured it was dry. After noticing a puddle in the same area the following day, he called Chipotle’s corporate office to request urgent repair of the roof.

The store manager placed a warning sign near the pool of water to caution customers. Despite his repeated calls to the office over several weeks to cite safety concerns, Chipotle failed to fix the leaking roof by mid-June 2012.

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