Don’t Kneel Down After a Florida Motorcycle Accident

The adventure of the open road to a motorcyclist is not so thrilling upon impact with a vehicle. Whether a motorcycle rider makes impact with the ground or with the other car during a motorcycle crash in Fort Lauderdale, serious injuries can occur.
One injury that motorcyclists frequently sustain in Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accidents is a knee injury. Knee injuries seem to be prevalent in motorcycle wrecks because motorcyclists are typically thrown off their bikes, causing their legs and knees to make contact with the ground. This action typically results in torn knee tendons and ligaments.

Knee injuries can range from fractures to torn tendons and ligaments to knee dislocations. Although there are different severity levels for knee injuries, one thing is for sure – knee injuries are painful and often debilitating.

Importance of Medical Care After Florida Motorcycle Accidents

Although soft tissue injuries of the knee are common, they are also difficult to treat. This is why it is critical after a Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident that the rider visits the emergency room for even the slightest knee pain.

Many people think their knee was just bruised in the crash and the pain will go away, but delaying medical treatment can actually cause more damage to a rider’s physical health and to their potential personal injury case. By having a medical evaluation from an orthopedist early on, motorcyclists can find out the exact problem, seek treatment, and get relief for their pain.

By getting a timely diagnosis of the injured knee, it can increase the likelihood that your knee will fully heal with the proper treatment. Treatment can include physical therapy, surgery to repair torn ligaments, and knee replacement surgery.

You probably feel lucky to be alive and are glad that you walked away with just a knee injury after a near-death scare; however, this doesn’t mean that the other person who was negligent on the road shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions. Because this knee injury could affect you for life, don’t kneel down or back away from seeking financial compensation for your injuries, time off of work, emotional pain and suffering, and more. Call our Fort Lauderdale personal injury firm if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident.