Florida Car Accident Insurance Adjusters

How to Deal With Florida Car Insurance Adjusters

When you write a check every month to your auto insurance company, you are essentially paying them to cover you if you are ever involved in a Florida auto accident. Although having car insurance is required by law, motorists feel that, because they pay an insurance company for coverage, that company will make things easier on them when they need such coverage.

Motivation of the Insurance Adjuster

The fact of the matter is that insurance companies are in business to make money and not give money away, but motorists who need their insurance company to come through for them are shocked when they realize their insurance company doesn’t seem to be on their side.  They may say they are looking after your best interests, but the truth of the matter is that they are interested in only one thing – protecting the company’s bottom line and paying as little as possible for your injuries.  Insurance companies will do anything it takes to discredit your claim, leaving you with little or nothing.

After a car crash, you may have suffered a serious injury, racked up medical bills, and lost your wages because you cannot work. You need your insurance company to come through for you, but then you realize they are interested in protecting their own profits and not your well being.  They have been known to do anything necessary to reach a low amount for settlement.

Things You Can Do After a South Florida Car Crash to Protect Your Own Interests

  • Call your insurance company to report the accident, but never admit fault.
  • Do not give your insurance company a recorded statement, and do not sign any paperwork until your attorney reviews it.
  • Gather witness information and photographs of the accident to provide to your attorney.
  • Seek medical treatment and provide test results to your attorney.
  • Call a Florida accident attorney for help with your case.


Personal injury lawyers in Florida who focus on car accidents, truck wrecks, and motorcycle crashes know the tricks insurance companies use and know how to negotiate with auto adjusters to get you the best results. Do not attempt to settle your case alone. At least talk with a skilled Sarasota car accident lawyer to find out what tricks the insurance companies will use to try and cheat you out of your due compensation.