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Enjoy bicycling in Florida? Take the Cycling Savvy Course

Most bicyclists can benefit from continuing education and training that help them become more competent bicyclists. In such cases, however, bicyclists don’t need a beginner training class. What they need is a program that empowers them to become more confident riders and avoid accident risks. The Cycling Savvy course was developed for the Florida Bicycle… read more

Bike Accidents on the Rise in Palm Beach and Broward Counties

Statistics show an alarming surge in bike accidents and injuries in South Florida. The Sun-Sentinel (Dec. 7, 2013) – using data from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and other safety experts – has reported on the increase of cycling crashes in Broward and Palm Beach Counties from 2009 to 2012. The… read more

Latest Statistics Show Helmets Save Lives in Bike Crashes

Florida requires that those 16-years-old and younger wear a bicycle helmet for protection; however, statistics point to good reason to wear a helmet no matter what your age. Anyone who has witnessed the damage done to a bicyclist when hit by a negligent driver can tell you that protecting your head with a helmet is… read more