Safe Driving Tips – Use Your Blinkers! It Can Help You Avoid a South Florida Crash

When men and women are trying to get each other’s attention and flirt with one another, they generally exchange several glances in each other’s direction. Sometimes this is followed by a smile, head nod, or wink. So, shouldn’t men and women practice the same behaviors on the road by blinking at each other?

When you want to get another car’s attention, alert the car following you of your intentions, or change lanes safely and avoid a Orlando car crash, it is best to use your blinkers. Although signaling your intentions to other drivers sharing the road with you is the law, many drivers fail to use them.

The Use of Blinkers and Safety

Signaling which direction you are turning is vital to driving safely and intelligently. If we all had to use our signal lights to pass the driver’s exam, then why are so many people forgetting to use them?

By using your blinkers, you are alerting other drivers of your intentions so that they know how to proceed down the road. If another driver is traveling behind you, and you stop suddenly to turn into a parking lot without signaling your intentions, you could cause a Fort Lauderdale rear-end accident.

If a cyclist is riding in your blind spot, and you decide you want to turn right or change lanes without signaling, the cyclist could suffer critical injuries or die as a result of failing to use your blinkers.

Why Don’t People Blink More?

Several studies have indicated that men are less likely to use their blinkers than women, and older drivers use their blinkers more than younger drivers. Some top reasons why many people do not use their blinkers include:

  • Not enough time to use them
  • Too lazy to use them
  • They would forget to turn them off
  • It isn’t important


No matter how you feel about using your blinkers, it is critical to your safety and to the safety of other motorists on the road. Blinking can minimize South Florida auto accidents and save lives.