Rear End Car Accidents

Rear-end Collisions are One of the Most Dangerous Types of Car Wrecks

Rear-end car accidents occur when one car slams into the back of another. Rear-end collisions account for nearly one-third of all car crashes on the road each year, making them the most common type of car accident in the U.S.


Many cars are not prepared to sustain rear impacts, making the driver and their passengers vulnerable to whiplash and other injuries that can be serious or even deadly in nature.  Occupants in both vehicles can sustain broken bones, dislocations and sprains, back or neck injuries, and even serious head injuries. Some of these injuries may be deadly, while others may require extensive medical treatment.

Rear-end collisions occur most often in intersections. They may happen when one car stops short at a yellow light, or turns too sharply away from a stop sign. Rear-end collisions can also happen when vehicles slow in construction zones or on busy highways.  In most cases the car that hits another car from behind are traveling at a fast rate of speed and this amount of speed affects the impact received by the stopped car.  Some cars are totaled and catastrophic injuries are sustained by both parties.

In about 90% of rear end collisions the car that strikes the stopped car is responsible.  It is imperative to get documentation at the scene of the accident and any witness statements to use later in your case.  What might seem like an open and shut case, might later get more complicated when you are dealing with the insurance of the other driver.

If you have been hit from behind by a negligent driver, no matter the circumstances that led up to the accident, you likely have the legal right to recover damages from the wreck. This financial compensation can cover your medical bills, ongoing medical expenses, missed time at work, and much more.  Don’t try to negotiate with the insurance adjuster, call an experience Florida car wreck attorney immediately.


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