Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Poor Vehicle Maintenance Leads to Many Fort Lauderdale Truck Accidents

Anyone who owns and cares for a vehicle knows that continual maintenance is crucial for keeping it safe and on the road. While this is simple, common knowledge, it seems that many trucking companies fail to realize the wisdom in it, and instead put dangerous and unmaintained vehicles on the road.

Continual maintenance and preventative care is the safest and cheapest way to keep a vehicle on the road. However, it can seem burdensome or expensive in the short run. Two main factors prevent many trucking companies from properly maintaining their vehicles:

While this short-sighted behavior can be traced to logic, that does not mean it is not irresponsible. In fact, poorly maintained vehicles put all of those around them at risk, causing many Fort Lauderdale truck accidents each year.

Due to the weight and force these big rigs bring to collisions, Fort Lauderdale truck wrecks are usually very dangerous (or even fatal) for those involved. Poorly maintained trucks may cause the following injuries:

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