Medical Malpractice

When physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals fail to uphold the standard of care that the profession demands, they can be liable for their actions if they cause injury.

Eligibility to File a Medical Malpractice Claim

Even though doctors and surgeons have had years of rigorous training, and even though the medical field is highly regulated, medical mistakes can and do happen. When patients suffer injury as the result of a practitioner’s negligence, they can file a medical malpractice claim against the appropriate party to seek reimbursement for the damages they suffered.

If a medical professional was negligent in exercising an acceptable standard of care, the victim might have a valid case to pursue if he or she suffered injury and damages as a result. If the physician was negligent but you did not suffer damages, you may not pursue a medical malpractice case.

Speak to a local attorney who handles medical malpractice suits to discuss your options.

Types of Medical Malpractice Cases

Our firm has helped victims with various kinds of medical malpractices cases pursue claims and win sizable settlements.

We are equipped to handle nearly any type of malpractice case including:

  • birth, delivery, and obstetrician care injuries;
  • surgical errors (wrong patient, wrong body part, leaving instruments inside the patient);
  • unnecessary procedures;
  • emergency room mistakes;
  • failure to diagnose or wrong diagnosis;
  • pharmacy and prescription errors;
  • treatment errors;
  • nursing home neglect; and
  • testing mistakes.

If you or your family member was injured because a physician failed to act in a reasonably competent and professional manner, call our firm to discuss your case and allow us to help you determine how to best proceed with your claim.

Consult a Medical Malpractice Attorney

If you are in need of legal counsel in Miami, call the medical malpractice attorneys at Chalik & Chalik. We will discuss your case with you, determine if you have a legitimate negligence case, and then provide insight into the best route to proceed.

Contact our attorneys today at 855-529-0269 for a no-obligation, no-cost consultation.

One small mistake can cause a lifetime of pain and suffering for a patient; a simple prescription error, an incorrect notation on a surgery order, or a slight delay in treatment could cause long-lasting and devastating injury. Health scares and complications have physical, emotional, and financial implications. We are passionate about helping victims pursue and recover their losses.

We Have a Host of Resources and Strategies
In order to prove a medical malpractice case, it’s usually necessary to enlist the services of a medical expert for a testimony. Our firm can secure testimony from an appropriate medical expert in South Florida to establish that a physician was negligent and the extent of the patient’s damages.

We will also call in economic experts to help us demonstrate the full extent of your losses which include your:

  • current medical bills;
  • future medical bills;
  • lost wages over time because of your injuries; and
  • emotional damages.

The better we can demonstrate your case, the better the chance that we’ll be able to secure a fair settlement or judgment for you.

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