Truck Smashes Into Church Van, Kills Seven

10 Daily reports that video footage has been obtained showing the moment a tractor-trailed plowed into a church van killing seven people in Gainesville, Florida. 

The footage is a key piece of evidence in the investigation being conducted by the NTSB. The agency is attempting to determine the probable cause of the crash. When the accident occurred, the agency was unable to deploy to the site due to the government shutdown occurring at the time. 

The church van was bound for Disney World on January 3rd. Five children, aged between nine and fourteen years of age were killed in the horrific crash. All were from the Louisiana town of Marksville and had saved for the trip for a year. 

Eagle Express Lines, the owner of the tractor-trailer that was involved in the accident, is being sued by most of the survivors. According to an e-mailed statement, the driver of the tractor-trailer suffered a medical emergency that rendered him unconscious, leading to the accident. 

The NTSB is still in the process of investigating the crash and has not commented on any factors that may have contributed. 

The National Transportation Safety Board makes safety recommendations and investigates crashes that occur along railways, involve airplanes or helicopters, and some highway crashes. While the NTSB does not investigate all highway crashes, they do typically investigate in certain situations.

These situations include accidents involving tractor-trailers that result in two or more deaths, school bus crashes with injuries or deaths to passengers, public or charter bus accidents leading to injury or death, railway crossing accidents that involve two or more deaths, and highway crashes that cause five or more deaths. They will also investigate if they believe a defect was the cause of an accident.