Plane Full Of Passengers Falls Into River In Jacksonville

Many people have been told again and again that flying is safer than driving. Statistically, the numbers add up to agree with this adage. 2017 was a year which saw no commercial jet-powered passenger planes crash. In fact, airliner accidents have been on the decline since 1992. New technology, as well as changes to pilot training and global regulations, have had a hand in reducing the number of airplane crashes. The sharp decline has coincided with a sharp increase in overseas travel, according to the International Civil Aviation Organization. Unfortunately, when incidents do happen, they often make international news.

CNN reports on a plane that skid into a river in Jacksonville, Florida.

Investigators have recovered the flight data recorder box from a military-chartered passenger plane that slid off the runway in Jacksonville, Florida. The plane came to rest in the shallow part of the St. John’s river.

The flight data recorder has been sent to Washington for examination. The cockpit voice recorder, however, is still underwater, located in the tail of the plane.

All 136 passengers and crew members survived, but some did suffer from some minor injuries.

The aircraft reportedly overran the right side of the runway and encountered a low seawall made of loose stones and rocks.

The ungrooved runway pavement is an aspect of the accident that is still being investigated. The NTSB is also looking into the human aspects of the crash, which includes the flight crew and the cabin crew.

Investigators will also look into the airport, weather conditions, and air traffic control as a part of their investigation.