Man Crashes Lawnmower Into Police Cruiser

When thinking of a DUI, most people conjure images of an intoxicated person driving a car or truck wildly through the streets. However, Florida’s laws do not specifically state that one must be driving a motor vehicle in order to get a DUI. In fact, if an intoxicated person is driving a golf cart, an e-scooter, a lawnmower, or even riding a horse, they can be charged with DUI. Even motorized wheelchairs are covered under the statute. Even if you are not operating a motorized vehicle, a DUI can end in jail time and the suspension of your license.

Newsweek reports on a drunken man who crashed his lawnmower into a police car in Florida.

68-year-old Gary Anderson allegedly crashed his lawnmower into a parked police vehicle on May 5th in Haines City, Florida.

The officer was attending to other business inside the store and did not see but heard the collision. He came outside and saw Anderson, who allegedly told the officer that he was driving the lawnmower and crashed into the vehicle.

To confirm Anderson’s intoxication, the officer administered several field sobriety tests, which Anderson failed. Anderson then tried to deceive a breathalyzer test and was arrested for DUI.

Anderson then made the claim that the police officers had poisoned him, prompting the officers to take him to a nearby hospital. At the hospital, Anderson’s blood-alcohol level was determined to be .241, more than three times the legal limit. It was also discovered that Anderson had traces of cocaine in his system.