Just a Few Stories Underline the Hidden Dangers of Florida Golf Cart Accidents

Some people have a hard time imagining that golf carts, which most people use to drive from the 4th green to the 5th tee, or to get their mail from the mailbox, can be dangerous. However, the reality is that Florida golf cart accidents are on the rise.

Golf carts can be involved in dangerous crashes when people are supplied with dangerous equipment, drive negligently or are hit head-on by other vehicles on quiet roads. Just a few stories of golf cart accidents can easily highlight the potential dangers that are lurking.

  • 85-year-old Arizona resident Leonard Gaabo was driving his golf cart home from a repair shop in April when he collided with an SUV at an intersection near his neighborhood. The SUV sped off from the accident. Gaabo died in the hospital the next day.
  • Homer Vachon, who was in his late 70’s, was riding in a golf cart in Sumpter County, FL with his wife when they collided head-on with a Jeep Wrangler at a roundabout. Both were thrown from the vehicle, and Vachon died the next day.

With the use of golf carts rising dramatically in our state, and with people using them out on area roads and not just the golf course, more stories just like these ones are bound to keep popping up.

If you or your family has been struck by a golf cart, and it was the fault of someone else, call our experienced auto accident attorneys to see if you may be eligible to recover damages as a result.

The financial compensation you may be able to earn in these cases can cover your medical bills and more.

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