How to prevent slip and fall accidents during the holiday season

The holiday season is a busy time of year that tends to involve activities such as celebrating with friends and family, shopping for gifts and putting up decorations.

However, the festivities also bring with them the risk of slip-and-fall accidents that can cause serious injuries. There are a number of precautions people can take to make sure they stay safe during the holidays.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the most common injuries are caused by falls from ladders. Slipping on or tripping over festive items such as decorations and ornaments is also a common occurrence during the holiday season. Being aware of one’s surroundings can help prevent such accidents.

Shopping can also pose a number of hazards. Carrying stacks of packages may obstruct one’s view and affect balance, leading to trips or slip-and-fall accidents. Try to carry only a few light shopping bags or boxes at a time to maintain your balance. It is also helpful to use railings where possible, such as on staircases.

Stores tend to stock extra merchandise to meet the high demand during the holiday season. Watch out for items such as clothes, electronics and toys that may be haphazardly strewn on the store floor or sticking out from aisles. Wearing rubber-soled shoes on slippery floors can also help prevent slip-and-fall accidents.

Property owners are responsible for keeping their premises clear of hazards that may affect shoppers and other visitors. They have a duty to keep pathways, floors, sidewalks and parking lots clear of debris. However, slip-and-fall accidents can still occur at any time to anyone.

It is important to note that determining fault can be more complicated than it might seem. If you were injured and you believe someone else is fully or partially to blame, contact Chalik & Chalik to learn more about your rights.