How pregnant women can stay safe from slip and fall accidents

With a baby on board, pregnant women may find it more difficult to maintain balance and be surefooted. Pregnancy brings with it many bodily changes like a shift in the center of gravity, weight gain, a protruding belly, dizziness and loosening of ligaments. As a result, expectant mothers may be prone to falls.

While there is no way to predict falls, pregnant women can take precautions to minimize the chances of accidents. Swapping heels for comfortable, flat footwear that has good traction can help maintain balance. Care should also be taken when wearing slippers at home. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, 50 percent of accidental fatalities in the home are caused by falls, most of which occur at the ground level rather than at an elevation.

Walking slowly across smooth and slippery surfaces can help. Pregnant women should also watch out for potholes and cracks on the sidewalk. Holding onto railings and other support when using stairs or escalators is another precaution they can take.

The unborn baby is generally protected from injuries from a fall unless the impact is directly on the mother’s stomach. A woman’s body is designed to protect the developing baby during pregnancy with abdominal muscles, amniotic fluid and thick uterus walls. However, a slip and fall accident can be dangerous when a pregnant women falls on her stomach. In such cases, she should call her doctor. The mother should also watch for leaking fluid, vaginal bleeding or contracting as they can be signs of injury to the placenta.

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