Gas Explosion In Florida Injures 21 People

Most homes and businesses use natural gas or propane on a daily business for heating and cooking. Gas explosions typically cause heavy damage and loss of life as well as injury. A gas explosion occurs when a natural gas leak that comes into contact with a spark or a flame. Natural gas, methane, propane, and butane are the most common kind of gas to cause an explosion. The primary causes of a gas explosion are the improper use of gas appliances, improperly or incorrectly installed gas appliances, old or damaged gas lines, and defective equipment.

11 Alive reports on a gas explosion in Florida that injured 21 people.

On Saturday, a vacant pizza restaurant exploded at a South Florida shopping plaza. More than 20 people were injured as huge chunks of concrete were hurled through the air.

The restaurant, located in Plantation, Florida, was destroyed in the explosion, damaging nearby businesses. Firefighters discovered ruptured gas lines following the explosion, but a cause has yet to be determined.

Alex Carver, an employee of a deli across the street, was witness to the explosion. Carver said that the explosion destroyed two of his co-worker’s cars. Large pieces of concrete were thrown up to 50 yards and pieces of metal were scattered as far as 100 yards away.

21 people were known to be injured, though none of the injuries were life-threatening. Firefighters picked through the rubble and brought in dogs to ensure that no one was trapped beneath the wreckage.