Fire-Fighter Killed In Collision While Assisting At Accident Scene

One-third of all accidents that occur in the United States are alcohol-related. When involved in such an accident, there are things to consider. While almost every state has a law in place regarding auto insurance coverage, not everyone is in compliance with those laws. It is also important to consider that while the insurance company may seem to want to help you, they are often trying to pay as little as possible. A drunk driving accident can include injuries that may result in punitive damages. Never agree to an insurance company’s initial offer without speaking with an attorney.

News Channel 8 reports on a retired fire-fighter killed in a collision after he stopped to help a suspected drunk driver who was in an accident.

The Florida Highway Patrol reports that a Good Samaritan who was a retired firefighter was killed on I-75 early Sunday morning.

The crash happened at approximately 4:30 a.m. near the exit for US 301.

The report indicates that a 31-year-old female was southbound on 75 when she collided with a truck that had stopped in the far-left lane. George Edward Evans, who had been driving the truck, was intoxicated according to troopers.

Wesley Weysham Jr., 59, a retired firefighter, stopped to render aid. He pulled Evans from the car onto the shoulder and was rendering aid.

A Corolla being driven by a 24-year-old was driving southbound and did not see the accident. He collided with the truck, which caused the truck to hit Weysham. Weysham suffered from fatal injuries and died at the scene. The truck then caught fire and was completely burned out.

Two other people were seriously injured in the accident and charges are pending.