FedEx Truck Caught In Jackknife Crash

Tractor trailed “jackknifing” incidents often make the news and when other vehicles are involved, can prove to be fatal. The term jackknifing refers to when the cab of a semi-truck and its trailer get out of sync and form an “L” or a “V” shape. The shape resembles a knife whose blade folds into the handle.

Several factors can result in jackknifing. Slick roads and improper braking can disrupt a tire’s traction with the road beneath it, causing the tires to skid instead of rolling. Braking can cause the tires to lock and allows the rig to swing sideways, causing the jackknifing. 

The Ocala Star-Banner reports that I-75 NB in Ocala has reopened after a FedEx semi-truck crashed. 

On Wednesday morning, a FedEx semi-truck pulling two trailers struck another semi, causing I-75 NB to close down for a couple of hours. The two trailers straddled all three northbound lanes. 

Florida Highway Patrol troopers were dispatched to the scene at mile marker 352 at 7:24 a.m. According to troopers, the FedEx truck had been in the right lane when it began raining lightly and the driver lost control. 

The back trailer of the FedEx truck struck another semi-truck which was also in the right lane. The FedEx truck then jackknifed and hit the guardrail. 

The driver of the FedEx truck told troopers he had left Orlando and was returning the empty truck to the Ocala depot. 

The other semi was hauling sodas and was on its way to Louisiana. 

No one was injured in the crash. The FedEx driver was cited for careless driving.