Are Florida Truckers Cheating on Their Log Books?

Truck drivers have to abide by the Hours of Service regulations that the federal and state governments have in place.

However, they also have deadlines to meet that are set by their trucking companies. Sometimes, traffic, harsh weather, or delays at the shipper’s or receiver’s facilities can set a trucker back, causing him to work more hours than is allowed by law.

Because truck drivers need to make their deadlines in order to keep their jobs, they are sometimes forced to falsify their log books. Especially with the new Hours of Service rules that went into place, many truckers show their trucking companies what they want to see and are just hoping not to get caught by law enforcement and the DOT.

Consequences of Cheating on Log Books

All truckers are familiar with the Hours of Service regulations and know there are consequences if they are caught falsifying their log books. However, many truck drivers still take part in these bad behaviors because they have to meet delivery deadlines or are paid by the mile, which means more money in their pocket.

If a DOT officer finds an error in the log book, or if a police officer finds 3 sets of log books in the cab of a semi truck after a truck accident, the consequences can be very serious and expensive, including:

  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • Probation
  • Being kicked out of the trucking industry


Log Books Are Turning Electronic

As many trucking companies are starting to use electronic on-board recorders, log books are becoming digital. This is making it impossible for truck drivers to cheat while operating a truck with an electronic on-board recorder. However, until all log books turn digital, cheating may still occur.

As much as truck drivers do not like the new Hours of Service, they are essentially for their own protection from driving fatigued. Unfortunately, when truck drivers drive for long periods of time, they are less alert, have slower reflexes, and tend to fall asleep at the wheel. These Hours of Service rules are intended to help truck drivers avoid accidents and protect other motorists sharing the road with these drivers.

If you were injured by a drowsy driver in a truck accident the driver may have violated the Hours of Service laws. Hold negligent truckers responsible for your injuries and call a skilled truck accident lawyer for help with your case today.