College Student Dies In Hit And Run Accident, Driver Says They Were Intoxicated

In Florida, if a person is driving under the influence and is involved in an accident causing the death of another person, they can be charged with DUI manslaughter. This is a serious felony charge which comes with a mandatory minimum sentence of four years in state prison. The sentence can go as long as fifteen years and be accompanied by thousands of dollars in fines and fees. Another penalty of DUI manslaughter is the permanent revocation of their Florida driver’s license. They may also be required to compensate people that were related to the victim or other injured victims in the accident.

The State reports that a native of South Carolina attending college in Florida has died from the injuries she sustained in a hit-and-run accident.

On Friday, London Harrell succumbed to the injuries she sustained in a hit-and-run accident the Saturday prior.

Harrell was walking well within the grass shoulder near her campus at the University of Central Florida when she was struck.

25-year-old Yousef Hasan is accused of being behind the wheel of the vehicle that hit Harrell. While exiting the courtroom after being granted bond, Hasan reportedly said, “Deeply, I’m sorry,” he continued, “I was intoxicated. I was not aware.”

The Florida Highway Patrol also alleges that prior to striking Harrell, Hasan hit another vehicle and drove away. He lost his bumper in that crash. When police found Hasan’s vehicle in a parking lot, they also found him asleep behind the vehicle. Biological material and hair in the windshield matched Harrell.

Hasan’s breathalyzer test was .000, but blood tests are pending. Officers described Hasan as having bloodshot, glassy eyes, slurred speech, and was stumbling.

Hasan was initially charged with DUI resulting in serious bodily harm and leaving the scene of the accident. With Harrell’s death, those charges may be upgraded.