Teen faces felony charge for hit-and-run with injury

A teen from Cape Coral, Florida is held responsible for a hit-and-run collision took place on January 21, on the Midpoint Bridge. The teen, driving a 2011 Infiniti, struck the rear of a moped, causing the driver to be ejected from the bike.

As reported in The News-Press, the 17-year-old driver left the scene of the accident in which Kenny Roberts, age 46, of Cape Coral, was rear-ended. Roberts was injured in the crash. The Florida Highway Patrol found the teen’s vehicle at a body repair shop in Sarasota. They also located the license tag for Roberts’ moped inside the front grill of the Infiniti.

The Infiniti was impounded, and the teen was arrested. He faces the charge of leaving the scene of a crash with injury, which is a third-degree felony.

Safe driving for teens
Since there are more than 750,000 licensed teen drivers in the state of Florida, it is important for teens and surrounding adults to engage in safe driving behavior. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) endeavors to educate teens on the significance of wearing seat belts, driving within the speed limit, driving without impairment by alcohol or drugs, and driving without distractions. In additions, teens should also be taught to never leave the scene of an accident, especially when they know that they hit someone, and that the person may have suffered an injury.

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