Car Crashes Into Gate At Campaign Speech

Statistics regarding cars slamming into buildings are not usually tracked by local, state, or federal agencies, but there are statistics available as to causes. A great many of these crashes take place when a driver has the car in the wrong gear or mistakes the gas pedal for the brake. The remaining crashes are caused by drunken driving, traffic accidents, and medical emergencies. A small percentage are intentional, such as when a person rams a vehicle into a store in order to steal. There are times when the weather is also a factor, such as when a driver skids on ice or wet roadways. Other times, there are no explanations as to why the accident took place.

The Hill reports on Senator Corey Booker’s Florida speech being interrupted when a car crashed into the building where the speech was taking place.

Presidential hopeful Sen. Corey Booker (D-N.J.) was giving a speech at a campaign event in Florida on Sunday afternoon. The speech was interrupted when a car crashed into the building hosting the event, which was held at a café in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Though the crash left some attendees rattled, it appears to have been simply an accident and not related to the event. Once authorities deemed that space was safe and no one was injured, Booker resumed his speech.

The driver was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The passenger was injured as well, but the injuries were minor.