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As tourism continues to increase in coastal Fort Myers and the surrounding areas, there’s a growing demand for hotels, vacation homes, and entertainment attractions. While this opens up many construction jobs in the area, it also increases the rate of work-related injuries.

Experiencing an injury at work can be overwhelming, leaving you with costly medical bills and the inability to work. A workers’ compensation lawyer in Fort Myers, FL at Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers understands the difficult consequences resulting from a work-related accident. We’ll dedicate our service to help you recover those costs and make your recovery easier. Call us today at 239-360-3029.

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Important Steps Following A Work-Related Injury

Many work-related injuries come out of nowhere. One minute you’re focusing on your work and the next, you’re dealing with a painful and costly injury. The following steps are important to your health and the recovery of your costs:

When To Hire A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Sometimes workers’ compensation cases are simple. The employee suffers an injury and the workers’ compensation policy pays for the costs. Other times, however, it’s not that easy. For example, if the employer did not have a workers’ compensation policy at the time of the accident, they may be personally liable for the costs.

Additionally, the workers’ compensation provider may wrongfully deny your claim. It’s also possible the costs of a work-related injury can exceed the benefits offered under a traditional workers’ compensation claim. Discuss the details of your case with a Fort Myers workers’ compensation lawyer today at Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers at 239-360-3029.

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Types of Workers’ Compensation Injuries We Handle

The state of Florida requires employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance to protect their employees. Workers’ compensation covers the following types of work-related injuries:

Although employers should provide employees with a safe working environment, accidents can and do happen. These accidents can lead to costly damages including medical bills, rehabilitative costs, household fees, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, loss of work benefits, and temporary or permanent disability.

It can be difficult to manage the requirements of filing a workers’ compensation case while you’re dealing with an injury and the financial consequences of time off work. Our injury lawyers are here to help you manage the process.

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How We’ll Assist You With Your Workers’ Compensation Case

The workers’ compensation lawyers in Fort Myers at Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers are here for you every step of the way. We’ll fight to get you the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.

Complimentary Consultation

The details of every work-related accident differ. It’s important we get to know you and the specific events causing your injury. From here, we can determine the next best steps for compensation.

We understand the financial implications of a work injury. Not only are medical costs expensive, but it’s common to lose income during your recovery time. We’ll never collect anything unless you receive compensation.

It’s crucial we begin this process quickly. The state of Florida requires we file all workers’ compensation claims within two years from the date of the accident. However, investigating as soon as possible is important. Witness statements and time-sensitive documents which could be vital to your case may become difficult to obtain.

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File Your Claim

Several factors can lead to a denial when filing a workers’ compensation claim. Failing to notify your employer, not filing the claim within the time limits, or not including the necessary information can deem you ineligible for compensation. We’ll assist you in filing your claim, ensuring you meet every requirement and improve your chances of collecting payment faster.

File An Appeal

We can also evaluate a workers’ compensation denial. We’ll immediately review the details of your claim, fighting to get you the compensation you deserve. It may still be possible to submit necessary information and approve your workers’ compensation claim.

Collect Additional Compensation

If your damages exceed the available workers’ compensation benefits, we’ll work to collect additional compensation. It’s possible another party is to blame for the injury, including a product designer or another employee.

Additionally, if the employer does not carry workers’ compensation when the state requires them to, we’ll work to collect compensation from the responsible party.

A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Fort Myers Can Help You

You deserve the benefits available under a workers’ compensation policy if you’re dealing with work-related injuries. Unfortunately, damages can exceed the benefits and there can be strict filing requirements which make it difficult to follow. Let us deal with the legal aspects while you focus on getting better.

We’ll aim to collect every dollar owed to you; from the very beginning of your claim to the moment you receive payment. You put in hard work and dedication to your job and it’s only right you receive payment when you experience an injury. Call for help from one of our workers’ compensation lawyers in Fort Myers, FL: 239-360-3029.

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